Wednesday, 24 October 2012

The noise of the crowd seems deafening as I step out of the airport and into the street. But I don't care, all that matters is finding Red in the chaos. I scan the faces of the people around me, searching for a pair of green eyes framed by fire-like hair, it isn't long before I find them.
"Red!" I'm running towards her, pushing past hundreds of people in my rush.
"Pyro!" I hear the reply and see Red start to move towards me too, a smile lighting up in her eyes, brightening the world. I feel like I'm dreaming, but I know that I'm not. There are too many thoughts flying through my head and I can't understand a single one, but Red's there and then we're hugging and that's all that exists in the world for a bit. But then we're holding hands and walking together and the noise of the crowd returns. We keep walking until there are no longer many cars on the roads and the buildings are one or two stories, rather than the skyscrapers that surrounded us before.
Before long we're in a magical neighbourhood and I can recognise a few of the houses. We reach Red's house and time slows down a little. I can feel my heart beating, trying to get my brain to think for once, but… no, there's time enough. It wouldn't do mess anything up, and we've only just reunited anyways.
Inside, we talk for a while and I remember the days long ago, when neither of us knew that our fears were so wonderfully unfounded. It seems so far away now, the memories have dulled over the years, replaced by the days we've spent together as a couple.
I blink and return my attention to the present. Red and I are gazing into each other's eyes, we have been for a while. Our hands intertwine and then we kiss, months of separation melting away into nothing.
I love her. I love her and she loves me and that's all that matters.
My head rests on his shoulder, my eyes are closed. My fingers are lightly tracing his collarbone. The small smile on my lips feels like it has been and will be there forever.
It’s peaceful. Nearly as peaceful as falling asleep, only better. This reality is better than any dream my brain could create.
Perhaps... this is a dream? After being apart for so long, I hardly know what to expect. I would never have imagined it would be so perfect. Flawless. I would never have imagined how the entire universe would seem better, brighter, with him by my side.
Since the beginning, it was clear we were the perfect couple. We weren’t perfect as stand-alone human beings – or at least, I wasn’t – but we were perfect for each other. We matched and completed each other in ways I had never thought two people could. But the distance was Our Catch. There was always a catch.
Always, but not now. Now there is no catch.
Damn catch, I think in my mind as I lean up, my hand closing around the hem of his shirt, and my lips meet his. The feeling of pure, simple, perfect bliss floods through me like a flame; the heat, the warmth, the blazing inferno of feelings swirling around in my head until I’m lightheaded and need to pull away and breath.
“I love you,” I nearly whisper.
“I love you, too,” he says, looking right into my eyes.
I wish I could decide what’s more perfect. The intenseness and adrenaline in kissing, or the feeling I get when we’re looking into each other’s eyes and his hands are caressing mine and it feels like we’re untouched by laws of time and space, floating forever, just the two of us, separate from the rest of the universe.
But I can’t decide. Because for one second, we’re kissing, and that seems perfect. And then one second later, we’re gazing at each other again, and it’s better. And then the kissing again, and it’s better still. It just keeps on getting better than better than perfect, which should be impossible, but apparently isn’t. Or maybe, the laws of the Universe really don’t affect us.
Time's starting to travel weirdly, just as it always does. In what seem to be mere minutes, the sun travels right through the sky and begins its descent. Red and I are standing on the balcony of her house, watching it set. I can feel the breeze against us, and Red's hand in mine. It's been too long since we watched a sunset together, maybe we'll stay here if, if she says yes.
The last remnants of the golden star dip below the horizon and we kiss again, and again. I'm encompassed by the scent of her hair, the sound and pressure of her breathing, the taste.. it's enough to get lost in.
We break apart and stay, gazing into each other's eyes. When eventually we speak, it's in whispers.
"I love you,"
"I love you too,"
We walk inside and my thoughts are working once more. They're flitting around inside my head, wondering, daydreaming and worrying.
"We should go see a movie,"
My thoughts stop their chattering and I nod in agreement, "Yeah, movies are fun to watch, any ideas on what to see?"
"Not really, but we could find something,"
Eventually we do, and we walk for a while to reach the movie theatre. The stars shine down on us where the streetlights are sparser, their twinkling light so delicate from afar. We reach the theatre a few minutes before the movie starts and take our seats at the back. The room is pretty full, but we don't really notice anyone except each other. We cuddle for most of the movie occasionally watching some of it, it's reminiscent of our very first date. Occasionally Red laughs at something funny, I like her laugh, it's beautiful and giggly and I could listen to it forever. But the movie eventually draws to a close and we follow the crowds out of the movie theatre.
We return to Red's house and order a pizza, which is delicious. We talk for a while and end up cuddling, near sleep, on a couch. A part of my brain that worries seems to have dozed off, and now seems as good a time as any..
I take the box with the ring in it from a pocket in my jacket and present it to Red.
"So, umm, I've had this question on my mind a while and, well…Red Waterfall, will you marry me?"
All my thought processes stop at once, and there’s a moment of silence in my usually bustling mind.
His words sink in.
My breath catches.
My eyes flicker to the ring, and then back to his eyes.
He smiles.
My mind starts working again. Millions of thought processes flicker through my consciousness at an alarming speed, and disappear before I can contemplate them.
   Did he just-?
 That ring is amazing-
   How long has he planned-?
 Oh my god, his eyes-
   Does this mean we’re-?
 There’s an amethyst in that ring-
   Does this mean he’s moving-?
 Just like the necklace-
   Does this mean I’m moving-?
 I love him so much-
   Is kissing a valid answer-?
A second has passed since he asked the question.

            “Of course,” I say, breathless. “Of course, Pyro-Dawn Tyromant.” I say his name while closing the distance between us, and we kiss.

Sunday, 14 October 2012

Harry Potter Short Fanfiction

'Hel-ga Hu-ffle-puff.' I counted the rhythm in my head as I tapped the barrel two from the bottom, in the middle of the second row. The lid swung open, and I crawled into it. I straightened myself up and cleared the dust off my robes and fixed my silver-green tie. I walked forward until the Hufflepuff common room was in sight.

It seemed to be empty. The grandfather clock showed it was twenty-to-ten, May 24th.

And then I saw him, with his back to me, his foot tapping nervously against the floor. I found myself grinning.

Then he looked over his shoulder and his eyes found mine. He grinned too.

"Happy five months," I said softly.

His strides were wide. He reached me in an instant, held my face in his hands, and kissed me gently. "I love you," he whispered.

"I love you too," I said. I was amazed, time and time again, at how much my love for him grows each time I see his face.

We were close to finishing our third year at Hogwarts. In twenty minutes we had Astronomy lesson, and then we were supposed to go back to our common rooms. But I never bothered about what I was supposed to do. I wasn't supposed to be in the Hufflepuff common room. I wasn't supposed to go in the Forbidden Forest, but I liked being there with the Threstles.

I grinned. Even though there were countless occasions in which I had wished the Sorting Hat had placed me in Hufflepuff, there was something undeniably Slytherin about me.


A while later, we started ascending the many flights of stairs that led to the Astronomy tower. It didn't take long to get there, but we liked to arrive early and stargaze. There aren't many places where you can see the stars with such clarity.

"I wish," I started saying as we reached the eleventh and final staircase, "that our Four Great Founders had heard of escalators."

He chuckled, and opened the trapdoor that led outside. He inclined me to climb first. I giggled, pecked him on the cheek, and ascended.

It was a cloudless night. The telescopes were already set on the rail of the open rooftop. Professor Astoria, one of the only teachers I got along with, had set them up, knowing how Pyro and I liked to stargaze.

As he climbed through the trapdoor, I searched the sky for the Capricorn constellation. After years of practice, both in the Muggle world and here in Astronomy lessons, I found it with ease.

"What're you looking at?" he asked.

I went closer to him, and pointed to the constellation. "There, do you see it? Four stars there, and a bigger one there, and three tiny ones above it, that's the horns, back, and tail. The ones below, over there, are the face and body, and legs."

"Nope," he said. "Can't see it. Too many distractions." He grinned and I realised he wasn't even looking upwards, but at me. I blushed, smiling.

And suddenly-

"Aaaahhhhrghh!" came a distant, blood-curdling cry, echoing through the ground. Both Pyro and I jumped and took out our wands, and he spread his right hand before me protectively. I held it tightly with my left.

"What was that?" I asked, my voice much smaller and higher than usual. I looked up and saw that Pyro's eyes were wide with fright.

"It came from the Forbidden Forest," he said quietly.

I swallowed. "That's wasn't a human voice, though," I said. "..Right?" I added uncertainly. "I mean, no human could make that noise." He didn't answer. "Right?"

I began to panic. "Pyro, what if that's a student?"

"We have to tell the Headmaster," he said.

I unclenched my hand from his arm, and started pacing all around. "There's no time for that. Whoever made that sound is in danger. They might get killed! Maybe they already have... Pyro, we have to do something!"

"Ok," he said. I was surprised his voice was so stable, but I saw that there was a lot going inside his head. "We need to help whoever's in there. There's no time to use the staircases. We have to jump." He stepped forwards, nearing the edge, and muttered, "Spongify," pointing with his wand at the ground, a few dozen meters below us. I was trembling. It's not that I hated heights, it's just... having to jump from a height like that... "Together?" I offered, nearly silently.

He nodded, took my hand, and we jumped over the edge.


It was like flying. My hair rippled above me. I kept my eyes open, despite the air that made them sting, and watched the ground getting nearer and nearer. A few seconds, and then it was over. The ground acted like a giant trampoline, bending downwards as we hit it. It lifted us back about a meter into the air, and we landed on solid ground.

I let out a panicky, exhilarated burst of laughter. I looked at Pyro, to find he was very pale.

Another horrible scream from the Forest. Whatever or whoever was there, was still alive. It drenched the little colour his face still had.

"Let's go," he said.

We ran, as fast as we could, towards the forest. There were never many people outside by now. After dinner in the Great Hall, most people either go to their common rooms or hang out with friends from other houses inside.

The lights from the castle's many windows and the moonlight were the only things that prevented the grounds to be pitch black.

In minutes, we reached the edge of the Forest. I took a second to catch my breath and muttered 'Lumos'. I glanced at Pyro, who lighted his wand, too. We entered the Forest. "Where are they? Where did that scream come from?" I murmured to myself.

"Homenum Revelio," I heard Pyro say. A humming noise came from his wand, and the light at the tip of it started flickering on and off.

He led the way. Deeper and deeper into the Forest, until there was no longer a path and I couldn't see beyond the circle of light my wand emitted.

Another scream. It was so loud, it seemed we were standing right next to the source of it. It was shrill, and echoed in my head long after it was over.

"It's here," said Pyro.

"What do you mean?" I said. "There's no one here!" I spun around, raising my wand higher so it would cast more light.

And then the ground slipped from under my feet, but I found myself standing on a swaying ledge of ground, just wide enough for me to place both my feet on. I was so high up, but Pyro was still next to me, and the trees still reached far above my head. Nothing made sense!

But I wasn't trying to make sense on things, I was trying to not fall. I was starting to get dizzy. I couldn't hold on to anything. It was so high up! The ledge swayed right, and I lost my balance-

And then I saw Pyro, looking at me, worrying, frightened. If I fell from this impossible ledge, I would surely not make it. It was too high. It was too much. And then the ledge disappeared, and I was on the ground. I looked up, to see Pyro standing over me with a disgusted expression.


His voice. It was the same voice that screamed before. That's screaming now. Screaming at me. I'm worthless, I'm nothing.


His every word was like a dagger. Plunging straight through me. Again, and again, as his voice echoed inside of me.

This was a nightmare. This had to be. This couldn't be.

I got up, onto my feet. I looked into Pyro's eyes, and saw nothing but hatred and disgust. My tears broke through, and I walked back a few steps.

And then I saw that behind Pyro, stood... Pyro?

I wiped my eyes from the tears, and looked again. Yes, there were two Pyros. One was screaming at me, but I wasn't concentrating on the words he said. The other was standing behind him, his wand raised, a hurt and confused expression on his face. The screaming Pyro saw I was no longer looking at him, and twisted to see what I was looking at. He walked towards the other Pyro, and wisps of smoke engulfed him as he did. He reached him, and the smoke disappeared. Now, another figure stood there. A girl. I could only see her back.

'You are pathetic,' she said, in an arrogant, patronizing tone. She began to circle him. 'Do you really think you're good enough for me? That you're good enough for anyone?'

She was... me. But she wasn't! And Pyro was looking from her, to me, and back.


And suddenly, I understood. My greatest fear - or so I thought - was falling from high, unbalanced places. The swaying ledge. I was standing on it, and then I saw Pyro, and the ledge disappeared, and turned into a Pyro that couldn't even bear to look at me. And then it saw Pyro, the real one, and turned into a me that didn't love him.

"Pyro!!" I shouted. "It's a Boggart!!"

His eyes widened, and realization struck him, too. He looked back to the Boggart-me, and yelled out,"Riddikulus!"

Nothing happened.

Riddikulus!!" he tried again.

The Boggart-me raised her chin and let out a cold laugh.

Laughter! That's what kills a Boggart! And Pyro doesn't laugh much.. So that's why his Riddikulus didn't work!!

I squared my shoulders, and focused with all my strength on the image in my head. I lifted my wand.

'Riddikulus!!' I cried out.

The smile was wiped off the Boggart-me's face as she began to tremble. She was shaking all over, and then-


The burst of laughter that rose from my throat was unstoppable. Were the Boggart stood before, there was now a tiny chibi version of me, that looked very angry.

'What have you done?!' it squeaked. I chuckled again. It started to run, probably attempting to ram into me, and as it was just about to reach me, I casually stepped sideways, and the Boggart ran straight into a tree.

I was doubled over, clutching my stomach, nearly crying with laughter. The Boggart was shaking again. I glanced over to Pyro, who was standing there with an amused grin on his face.

The Boggart got up from the ground, and stumbled dizzily towards me. It was actually trying again!

I laughed harder, and its shaking increased. Then, with a final 'Ha!', it disappeared into wisps of smoke.

Pyro's grin widened. I walked over to him and hugged him tightly. "You know I didn't mean what I said... right?" I mumbled into his shoulder.

"Huh?" I couldn't see his face, but I could hear his grin had gone.

"When the Boggart was me. You know none of that was true."

He held my shoulders and pushed me back, looking into my eyes. "Just... just as long as you know what the Boggart said when it was me wasn't true."

"I know," I said.

And I did know. I loved him so much, and as much fear and hopelessness that the Boggart made me feel, it was strangely worth it, as long as I know that Pyro fears losing me as much as I fear losing him. I was no longer afraid.

I leaned upwards and my lips met his.


The ornate objects decorating the shelves of the office whirred and ticked as Dumbledore gazed at the two of us over his half-moon spectacles. We had just finished telling him the whole story (more or less; we skipped the kisses and me sneaking into Hufflepuff common room).

"So," said Dumbledore, in a stern tone with just a hint of amusement. "You heard screaming, and decided to just see what it was for yourself, skipping an Astronomy lesson along the way."

"Professor, it wasn't like that," I said. "There was no time. We thought it was an actual student out there! I never knew wild Boggarts have ways of luring people to them and then feeding on their fear. You should really put that in the Defence Against the Dark Arts curriculum..." I trailed off as I realised I may have gone too far. No one wanted to get on bad terms with the Headmaster of Hogwarts.

"Perhaps I should," he chuckled. Maybe getting on bad terms with him was simply impossible. "But I am afraid that two house points must still be taken off from both Slytherin and Hufflepuff, for class-skipping and entering the Forbidden Forest." I slumped in my chair, exchanging 'oh, well' looks with Pyro. It could be worse, though. Two points aren't that much, I guess.

"But," the Headmaster started saying, a twinkle in his blue eyes, "you did defeat a wild Boggart; one that could have lured more students to it. And for that, I award both houses seven points."


Wait, what?!

It took me a second to understand. Five housepoints!! I think I'll skip Astronomy more often! I was grinning so much my cheeks hurt.

"Thanks, Professor Dumbledore," said Pyro. The Headmaster bowed his head in response.

"And now," said Dumbledore, "I think it's time for sleep. For all of us! I have a new nightcap that I'd like to try out."

"Erm, good luck with that," I stuttered, while Pyro nodded.

We went down the spiralling staircase. As we made our way to the bottom floors, I came to the conclusion that if I was ever going to come across a Boggart again, I'd definitely try and make it Dumbledore with a night cap. And gown. Both in a shade of hot pink. Pyro didn't quite get why I started laughing all of a sudden.

Saturday, 13 October 2012

First Meeting

It was raining. Again. Pyro shivered and pulled the sleeves of his coat over his hands.
The rain was heavier than usual, the drops striking the ground with more force than Pyro would have expected, making the dirt slippery and difficult to walk on.
'Ow!' Pyro slipped again and landed in the mud for the seventh time. 'Forget this!' He muttered, and rose a few centimeters off the ground, carefully shifting the columns of flame shooting from his hands.
There was a *wumph* noise as a nearby tree caught alight, fizzling a little as it was bombarded with rain.
'No!' Cried a voice, emerging from a nearby clump of trees. The tree was buffeted by a miniature wave, the flames disappearing with hisses and sputters.
Pyro stared at the figure next to the tree; she was tall, dressed in a gray trench coat that reached a pair of walking boots. She had flowing, red hair that shimmered in the grey light. A sphere of water hovered above her, occasionally forming into a shape or a sculpture. Pyro saw a mountain, a dragon, a squid and a snake before he managed to say something.
'Who are you?' The mumbled question didn't sound quite like Pyro had expected, it wasn't very loud and didn’t really muster any authority.
'Me? I'm Red Waterfall, and who might you be?' The question was sharp; it had that edge to it that Pyro had been aiming for.
'Umm… I'm Pyro.'
'Nice to meet you Pyro, I think you should mind how you go. A forest fire wouldn't be a good thing. Especially as I'd have to deal with it.'
Pyro sighed and continued onwards.
'Where're you going?' Red called after him.
'Elysium Asylum. I'm going to find Octaboona Ambrosius. He'll probably be annoyed or something.' He groaned. 'He's gonna make me read that book about some empire again, I just bet he will.'
'Mind if I accompany you? I've nowhere else to go at the moment.'
Pyro blushed, he wasn't totally sure why. 'Sure, it's this way.' And he and Red Waterfall continued walking.
I inhaled deeply, my face turned upwards as I leaned against the bark of the tree. It was raining, and the smell of trees in rain was definitely my favorite. The drops patted against my face in a quick tempo.
‘Ow!’ I heard a distant voice, hardly carrying in the strong rain. I got up, tense. Who could possibly have anything to do in my forest in this weather? I edged closer to the road, from where the voice had come from. There was definitely someone there, and they were certainly… shooting fire from their hands and hovering a few centimeters off the ground? And… was that a tinfoil hood?
Suddenly, a flame from his hand caught on a tree root, and with a ‘whoosh’, the whole tree was engulfed in fire, fizzling slightly from the rain.
“No!” I cried, running forward and extinguishing the flame with a small wave of water.
I turned to the person, and saw that it was a boy, around my age. He wore jeans and a dark gray hoodie, it’s hood up and covered with tinfoil. His eyes were a bit wide. I don’t know why, but I felt my cheeks heating when I took in his facial features.
“Who are you?” he mumbled after a few seconds. His voice was quiet, yet had a certain… something about it that made me want to answer.
“Me? I’m Red Waterfall, and who might you be?”
I groaned internally. That did not come out the way I wanted it to. But how did I want my voice to come out? And why was it important to me that it came out the right way?
“Umm…” he said. “I’m Pyro.” Pyro. That’s a nice name. Good thing you couldn’t quite make out subtle color changes in the heavy rain, because otherwise he would have seen my blush.
“Nice to meet you Pyro,” I said, trying to sound confident and honest at the same time and failing miserably. “You should mind how you go. A forest fire wouldn’t be a good thing, especially as I’d have to deal with it…” I sighed. That came out entirely wrong.
He turned to leave, and for some reason, I didn’t want him to. Not yet. “Wait,” I mumbled. He didn’t seem to have heard me over the pattering rain. “W-where are you going?” I said louder.
“Elysium Asylum.” He said. “I'm going to find Octaboona Ambrosius. He'll probably be annoyed or something. He's gonna make me read that book about some empire again, I just bet he will.”
I giggled, but luckily, it was a quiet giggle. I hate giggling. It’s too girlish. I suddenly had an idea how to prolong this talk a little more.
“Mind if I accompany you?” I said with a smile. “I've nowhere else to go at the moment.”
“Sure,” he said. “It’s this way.”
I joined him and started walking.