Wednesday, 24 October 2012

The noise of the crowd seems deafening as I step out of the airport and into the street. But I don't care, all that matters is finding Red in the chaos. I scan the faces of the people around me, searching for a pair of green eyes framed by fire-like hair, it isn't long before I find them.
"Red!" I'm running towards her, pushing past hundreds of people in my rush.
"Pyro!" I hear the reply and see Red start to move towards me too, a smile lighting up in her eyes, brightening the world. I feel like I'm dreaming, but I know that I'm not. There are too many thoughts flying through my head and I can't understand a single one, but Red's there and then we're hugging and that's all that exists in the world for a bit. But then we're holding hands and walking together and the noise of the crowd returns. We keep walking until there are no longer many cars on the roads and the buildings are one or two stories, rather than the skyscrapers that surrounded us before.
Before long we're in a magical neighbourhood and I can recognise a few of the houses. We reach Red's house and time slows down a little. I can feel my heart beating, trying to get my brain to think for once, but… no, there's time enough. It wouldn't do mess anything up, and we've only just reunited anyways.
Inside, we talk for a while and I remember the days long ago, when neither of us knew that our fears were so wonderfully unfounded. It seems so far away now, the memories have dulled over the years, replaced by the days we've spent together as a couple.
I blink and return my attention to the present. Red and I are gazing into each other's eyes, we have been for a while. Our hands intertwine and then we kiss, months of separation melting away into nothing.
I love her. I love her and she loves me and that's all that matters.
My head rests on his shoulder, my eyes are closed. My fingers are lightly tracing his collarbone. The small smile on my lips feels like it has been and will be there forever.
It’s peaceful. Nearly as peaceful as falling asleep, only better. This reality is better than any dream my brain could create.
Perhaps... this is a dream? After being apart for so long, I hardly know what to expect. I would never have imagined it would be so perfect. Flawless. I would never have imagined how the entire universe would seem better, brighter, with him by my side.
Since the beginning, it was clear we were the perfect couple. We weren’t perfect as stand-alone human beings – or at least, I wasn’t – but we were perfect for each other. We matched and completed each other in ways I had never thought two people could. But the distance was Our Catch. There was always a catch.
Always, but not now. Now there is no catch.
Damn catch, I think in my mind as I lean up, my hand closing around the hem of his shirt, and my lips meet his. The feeling of pure, simple, perfect bliss floods through me like a flame; the heat, the warmth, the blazing inferno of feelings swirling around in my head until I’m lightheaded and need to pull away and breath.
“I love you,” I nearly whisper.
“I love you, too,” he says, looking right into my eyes.
I wish I could decide what’s more perfect. The intenseness and adrenaline in kissing, or the feeling I get when we’re looking into each other’s eyes and his hands are caressing mine and it feels like we’re untouched by laws of time and space, floating forever, just the two of us, separate from the rest of the universe.
But I can’t decide. Because for one second, we’re kissing, and that seems perfect. And then one second later, we’re gazing at each other again, and it’s better. And then the kissing again, and it’s better still. It just keeps on getting better than better than perfect, which should be impossible, but apparently isn’t. Or maybe, the laws of the Universe really don’t affect us.
Time's starting to travel weirdly, just as it always does. In what seem to be mere minutes, the sun travels right through the sky and begins its descent. Red and I are standing on the balcony of her house, watching it set. I can feel the breeze against us, and Red's hand in mine. It's been too long since we watched a sunset together, maybe we'll stay here if, if she says yes.
The last remnants of the golden star dip below the horizon and we kiss again, and again. I'm encompassed by the scent of her hair, the sound and pressure of her breathing, the taste.. it's enough to get lost in.
We break apart and stay, gazing into each other's eyes. When eventually we speak, it's in whispers.
"I love you,"
"I love you too,"
We walk inside and my thoughts are working once more. They're flitting around inside my head, wondering, daydreaming and worrying.
"We should go see a movie,"
My thoughts stop their chattering and I nod in agreement, "Yeah, movies are fun to watch, any ideas on what to see?"
"Not really, but we could find something,"
Eventually we do, and we walk for a while to reach the movie theatre. The stars shine down on us where the streetlights are sparser, their twinkling light so delicate from afar. We reach the theatre a few minutes before the movie starts and take our seats at the back. The room is pretty full, but we don't really notice anyone except each other. We cuddle for most of the movie occasionally watching some of it, it's reminiscent of our very first date. Occasionally Red laughs at something funny, I like her laugh, it's beautiful and giggly and I could listen to it forever. But the movie eventually draws to a close and we follow the crowds out of the movie theatre.
We return to Red's house and order a pizza, which is delicious. We talk for a while and end up cuddling, near sleep, on a couch. A part of my brain that worries seems to have dozed off, and now seems as good a time as any..
I take the box with the ring in it from a pocket in my jacket and present it to Red.
"So, umm, I've had this question on my mind a while and, well…Red Waterfall, will you marry me?"
All my thought processes stop at once, and there’s a moment of silence in my usually bustling mind.
His words sink in.
My breath catches.
My eyes flicker to the ring, and then back to his eyes.
He smiles.
My mind starts working again. Millions of thought processes flicker through my consciousness at an alarming speed, and disappear before I can contemplate them.
   Did he just-?
 That ring is amazing-
   How long has he planned-?
 Oh my god, his eyes-
   Does this mean we’re-?
 There’s an amethyst in that ring-
   Does this mean he’s moving-?
 Just like the necklace-
   Does this mean I’m moving-?
 I love him so much-
   Is kissing a valid answer-?
A second has passed since he asked the question.

            “Of course,” I say, breathless. “Of course, Pyro-Dawn Tyromant.” I say his name while closing the distance between us, and we kiss.


  1. WOW! This story is so breathtakingly beautiful! Both of you have been able to capture the wonder and magic of what it is to love and cherish one another. SO extraordinary! Even in the simpler words of the dialog, such as: "We should go see a movie,"
    My thoughts stop their chattering and I nod in agreement, "Yeah, movies are fun to watch, any ideas on what to see?"
    "Not really, but we could find something,"

    It goes deeper than what is written to just tell the readers that even the most common thing in the world to do is so much more of an adventure, experienced more fully and joyfully because it is shared with one's soul mate.
    I love it! I love it all!
    The ending was so lovely and captivating.
    Thank you both for sharing this story with us! It is a privilege and an honor. *hugs them both*
    LOVE YOU GUYS SO MUCH! You both are so special and huggable and noogable! YAY!
    *celebrates Pyred and parties like a rock star*

    *promptly gets arrested*


  2. *hugs you forever and ever* Thank you so much for this really really amazing comment!! I need to say something about what you said about the movie line thing.
    Bascally, Pyro and I took turns writing each one's POV, so Pyro was the one who wrote that line. When I read it for the first time I was like "there's something about that sentence that makes it not boring like it could be", but I never realised what that was, until your comment and now everything's even more amazing!!
    Love you, sister! *bails out of jail and giggles, too*

    1. *hugs tight*
      Yeah, I could have used many things from what you both wrote. But then I would be just rewriting everything! :D
      This is a very special and pure love that you two have and I hope is last FOREVER! *hugs* Love you too sister! YAY *throws glitter all over the place*



    *Joins hug*

    CUTE!!!!!!! LOVEABLE!!!!!!!!

    ... there's something else what is it ...


  4. This is so wonderful to read. Indeed it is very captivating. Your love shines through and makes me smile.

    This is so really awesome.


    D'awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww you twoooooooooooo.

    Such a sweet and special piece of writing.

  5. *hugs everyone, especially Red*

    Aww, thanks guys, we're really glad you all liked it, ^_^
    So, I'm really bad at public speaking, but yeah, I won't be writing a commendable speech or anything.

    Um, yeah,
    I haven't much more to add,

  6. am smiling massively right now, because I know that one day this will happen, and I'm so pleased that it will and that you have each other, I hope you stay together forever, my romantic friends!

  7. Aw, man, that was just the most adorable and beautiful thing I've read in a long while. :3
    It's perfect.
    Congratulations to both of you forever :]